Friday, September 2, 2011

resin bjd L.E. 50
soon available at

Iris is my first resin ball jointed doll
Reproduced in a limited edition of 50 dolls for JPOPdolls (

number of joints 14
height: 75cm (29 inches)
head circumference: 27cm (11 inches)
foot lenght: 9cm
eyes: 16mm

Iris will be available soon for preorder, she is a limited edition of only 50 pieces, if you don't want to miss her please join my mailing list and to be notified soon as she will be available.


6luciole said...

your work is astonishing!
I am not sure to be able to order a so big girl, may be a MSD or SD later?
But what about customs fees for European people?
Jpopdolls ships from US, so will some dolls be send for europan person from your office?
Let continue this great work!

Linda Macario said...

Thank you 6luciole, sure Iris will be no the only one resin bjd I will do.About European custom fees I can't do anything now. Maybe in the feature ...
Please stay tuned, there will be news soon :)

karen said...

congratulations on your beautiful work of ART!
Such a thoughtful expression! and pretty eyes!

I'm finding out how much work goes into these bjd dolls.

Linda Macario said...

Thank you Karen, make a bjd doll is a long and complex process but I love each part of my work :)