Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

movie of Alice

this is the link of Alice's album:

my second bjd doll

I'm proud to introduce you my last creation inspired by novel "Alice in Wonderland" from Louis Carrol

Alice is my last doll, created with ball jointed tecnique, she is very posable. Alice's body is entirely sculpted with Das, a paperclay modelling paste made in Italy (similar to Ladoll and Paperclay). 14 different pieces are assembled with elastic. First I sculpt each part then I give it many lyers of base coating and paint all details with acrilic colours fixing all with water based coating gel.
Alice has the best quality German eyes and her hair are mohair fiber I've washed, dyed and wefted to create this fall of blond curls. Alice wear a self produced outfit, a light blue cotton dress with white panties and pinafore embellished by eyelet laces. I've embroidered three little hearts on her pinafore. She is in good company, the withe rabbit is hand made by me and he is an original piece too, his face is sculpted and assembled on a satin body. I've create a vintage look for this little puppet, he looks like just found in an old attic.
Enjoy the pictures