Thursday, March 3, 2011

Package from Japan!

I'm so ecxited! I've recived my package from Japan, is the beautiful polistyrene kit from L-pupe, to make a big bjd doll. I've bought the book also and it's very good (lot of pictures). Can't wait to start this girl but first I have to finish my little LE bjd girls.
Enjoy the pictures of box opening :)


Cami Fortuna said...

Hi Linda!
I'm interested in purchasing the same book. But on ebay it's near 100 bucks. I sa on L-pupe site it's near 25. Did you ordered straight from the site? I mailed them but i'm not sure if they speak english, and my japanese is not that great for writting =(
Thanks And lovely dolls

Linda Macario said...

yes, I bought the book and the polistyrene kit directly from L-pupe, they speak english and have the best price for these products.