Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New doll I'm working on

Ok, I'm ready to show some pictures of my new doll, for this one I've change my doll making process starting with a plasticine master, then I've made plaster moulds and cast SlipFast (air dry casting slip). Now I think I'm ready to try this process for my 60cm doll.
I've spend lot of time to learn all tips od mould making and I'm sill searching for best way to do it but I'm quite satisfied of result.
Now I'll proceed with colouring and painting details, soon more pictures!


m13 said...

Your doll is very beautiful.
How is the Slip Fast composition slip doll working after stringing her with elastic? Is the composition strong enough for the stresses of a ball-jointed doll? How does she pose?

Cerchio Fatato said...

Ciao, mi piacciono molto le tue sculture, sei bravissima^_^
Anche io ero curiosa di sapere circa la resistenza di questa porcellana a freddo, ma volevo sapere di quanto è la percentuale di restringimento? Grazie per la risposta^_^ e buon lavoro!